Innovative equipment and high technologies, deep knowledge of raw materials, ability to find solutions and experience in plastic molding allow us to expand in several areas: automotive, electronics, home automation, lighting, IT and multimedia, medical and health, catering, security and safety , furniture, displays, appliances and household.
Our most recent production experience concerning traffic signal systems, centrifugal pumps, and LED lenses.


Technical molding of plastic components for automotive and motorcycle industry, gears and details both functional and aesthetic.


Molding of gaskets, connectors, cable for electrical and electronic components, containers for power supply and power transformers.

Home Automation

Molding of articles and frames for home automation systems. Use of engineering thermoplastics that improve the final aesthetic form.


Molding of articles, boxes and lighting components (lamps, spotlights, traffic light systems). Assembly of components regarding the lighting systems.


Technical molding of articles for medical devices and medical equipment. Ultrasonic welding to ensure the combination of several plastic elements.

Household, furniture

Molding of decorative plastic inserts for furniture, technical molding of polycarbonate components and household items.

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