We have been operating for over twenty years in the field of technical molding of plastic products (private label)

Two of the features that define our company: competence and reliability.

technical injection molding of plastic products

Why chose us?

We provide productive solutions.
We are competent and reliable.

technical injection molding of plastic products

Precision molding

The finished product quality guaranteed.
supplies continuous and certain times.

technical injection molding of plastic products

Our mission

Grow up and grow up with our customers.

Products technicians

Clients satisfied

Presses 24/24 hours Function

Molds tailored

Our Profile

Thanks to the manufacturing industry, the deep knowledge of plastic polymers and their applications, we are able to satisfy the needs of each customer optimizing the production processes and the quality of the finished product (appearance and / or function). Our customers belong to different sectors: from automation to domotics, from electronics to plant engineering, from medical to household.

We are able to assist our customer in every phase of a new product development: design, engineering, mold making, molding and production.
We believe in innovation, we adopt advanced technologies and new materials giving the best to our customers.

We respect the environment using special plastics or in the type of molding machine used. Two of the features are: competence and reliability.
The Rules apply Good Recycling Plastics Print, without compromising Cosmetics and mechanical properties of the final product.


Production solutions tailored
Quality finished product
Technological innovation
Staff training
Competence and reliability

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