Macchina misura ottica


Through this machine, developed by the integration of imaging technologies, assistive vision and position control, we are able to measure the printed products with high precision.
These optical measurement systems combine features of a projector, a microscope, and a CMM (coordinate measuring machine) with an artificial vision system to detect the edges.
They are an excellent solution to obtain precision measurements without physical contact: from the sample is taken a video image and enlarged. The edge detection system analyzes it to find out the points needed to perform the measurement.
The vision system includes the camera, an image processor and two lighting systems.
Episcopia vision is ensured by a circular led illuminator operated with a manual controller that adjusts the intensity of light, diaphragm vision is guaranteed by a halogen lamp with manual light intensity adjustment.
The measurement software adjusts the main functions of building geometric shapes, such as circles, rays, angles, points, and distances.
The operator is able to perform multiple piece measurements using a guided control cycle:
results and images could be printed or archived to perform statistical checks.

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